Partially explained in universe with the mutagen having unpredictable effects on earth due to coming from a different dimension with different natural laws. in which the Triceratons successfully wipe out and destroy Earth. show, Mikey felt unwanted as he decided to run away from home. It doesn't help that they're not affiliated with either the Foot or the Kraang, which means they don't get the obligatory cameos that most of the other bad guys get. Although, April took a moment to listen to Donnie say that some things can't be controlled. Then, while the Turtles and the Kraang are fighting one another, Vic deliberately puts himself in the crossfire to retrieve his phone. In "Owari", Leo avenges him by killing Super Shredder. However, in battle, his wooden staff is often broken, snapped in half, or destroyed (disintegrated by lasers), which implies he has stashed several identical bō staffs at the lair. Either his body is curled up in the torso of the suit, or Stockman should have twisted his body several times causing irreparable internal, external, and skeletal damage. The Turtles are forced to team up with Dogpound and Fishface when Baxter Stockman traps them all into his Maze of Doom. Donatello's name is Italian, a diminutive form of the name Donato, from Latin Donatus, which means "Gift from God". after the destruction of Earth and the massacre of the. This that i reference tmnt 2012 with other cartoons as i know it: April O' Neil was like Jessie of Toy Story (watch In dreams episode if you don't believe me) Donnie sang the Gitchie Gitchie Goo (from Phineas and Ferb) to casey (The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman) (Idk if Rob Paulsen was a fan of Phineas and Ferb too) The Shellraiser's weapons fire compressed balls of garbage and manhole covers. Though she's luckier than the others in that she seems to have an element of control. Much of the camera angles, special effects (particularly the Kraang UFO's laser in "Enemy of My Enemy"), shading, character design, and 2D animated sequences lend themselves to the comic books that TMNT was born of. When Karai notices them about to zap her father, she pushes him out of the way, fires a rocket at the Turtles, then attacks Leonardo in a rage, declaring that if it's a feud they want, it's a feud they'll get, severing any possible good will between them. What what and surprisingly he's not my favorite turtle but he is growing on me Except Raph is in front of him; Mikey looks back and to his horror sees it's a dismembered mummy arm on his shell, and even allow the Triceratons to destroy the planet outright. It's almost doubly so because you don't expect an episode with one of the wacky characters to get this... bleak. He was regularly injected with mutagen that gave him increased strength and healing. Despite being two of the earliest mutants introduced, Snakeweed and Spider Bytez have practically disappeared from the show. They manage to rescue the girl, April O'Neil, but the Kraang still have her father., Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls. Baxter Stockman, while black like in the Mirage comics and 2003 series, appears to take visual cues from the 1987 version of the character in physique, personality, life, hairstyle, and general attire. Mona Lisa was a mutated college girl in the 1987 series. In "Enemy of My Enemy", The Shredder meets up with a Russian arms dealer whom The Shredder considers an ally. Karai, as she is not Shredder's daughter, but Splinter's. Pulverizer, after joining the Foot clan begins to spy for the Turtles, and they learn that Shredder steals Mutagen to create a monster army... and the Pulverizer, or Timothy, attempt to get mutated so he can be a cool mutant. Recent threadmarks Heretical Edge, Worm, Little Witch Academia One Piece (Wano) Reposted Heights Height Estimations Big list of series TMNT 2012 Heights Part 3 TMNT 2012 heights part 2 TMNT 2012 heights Needless to say, after "The Pulverizer Returns" and "Mutagen Man Unleashed", they got their wish. Raphael then turns to Donatello and says that "When we're done here, there's a matching band who needs a majorette." Xever Montes' transformation into Fishface leaves him unable to breathe and desperately begging Shredder for help. Spider Bytez and Snakeweed were the first mutant threats to the Turtles and looked to be shaping up to be recurring antagonists, but are gradually forgotten; Spider Bytez makes a last silent cameo in the middle of the third season, while Snakeweed makes a last appearance towards the end of the fourth season. The game has been played 26204 times so far and has received a rating of 95 / 100 from a total of 1865 user votes, 1765 likes and 100 dislikes. There's a similar moment in Metalhead. Shredder used this information to persuade the current Hamato clan ninjas to defect to the Foot clan stating Splinter's father killed his, yet neither of them mention their mothers. Born in 1976 as a young Japanese boy, Takeshi and his sister Alopex were playing in a park when a portal to Dimension X was opened. April has now scammed the same older Asian fishmonger twice with different, equally implausible stories about being a public official; she claims to be an undercover cop in ". Check out the Space Heroes Page, Super Robo Mecha Force Five Page and the Crognard the Barbarian Page. The Shredder more due to the personal issues he has with Splinter and his sons. Instead of being an adult in her 20's, April O’Neal in this adaptation is a teenager who is around the same age as the Turtles themselves. A pentagram is shown, while Tiger Claw summons a demon on-screen. April's dad bears a suspicious resemblance to, Chris Bradford, the famous martial artist Mikey meets in "New Friend, Old Enemy", looks a LOT like. Any time the Turtles go up against Tiger Claw (even with Karai helping them). conquering of New York and soon the world by the Kraang and the Foot, following the destruction of Earth in the season three finale. "Slowly. He is incredibly skilled, having "a way with machines". 451 Views. They vow not to rest until they rescue him. The shots of their bodies are pretty Family Unfriendly for a kid's show. The monster on the cover is a reference to Mutagen Man, what with its. While the Turtles go out after the Foot stealing Kraang Tech, they can't stop Baxter Stockman from creating new legs for Fishface. Four baby turtles mutated by toxic goo called mutagen and trained in the art of ninjutsu by fellow mutant Master Splinter. Tiger Claw claims that only his hatred and desire for revenge against the Turtles, Splinter, and their human allies allowed him to survive his trek home after being swallowed alive by giant alien and then trapped in another dimension. Then again, they're also based on their villainous. He makes a cameo at, In his second appearance, he is frozen and undergoes, It appears as if their eyes also shift to this in the, Leatherhead gets his pressure points hit and is quickly defeated by Shredder, but not before delivering a, Slash has always been the most powerful member of the Turtles/Mutanimals, but goes down.