Will need to follow him. See more ideas about korean actors, actors, sungkyunkwan scandal. Sk Nov 01 2017 9:01 am Yoo Ah In is such a very good/versatile/great actor..Salute No doubt, the most passionate, dedicated and the most handsome Korean actor. you stunt is very good Yoo Ah-in, The Korean Actor Gaining popularity early on with the teenage drama Sharp, the young Yoo Ah-in felt lost and thought that the fame was not his in the first place since he did not really know much about acting. you're so good in acting. Yoo Ah-In is one of THE BEST amazing actor ever. Woahh.. But it never really happen.. Hwaiting...saranghe <3. ? I always love his acting!! Stage Name: Yoo Ah In (유아인) Birth Name: Uhm Hong Sik (엄홍식) Birthday: October 6, 1986 Zodiac Sign: Libra Nationality: Korean Height: 179 cm (5’10″ 1/2) Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs) Blood Type: A Twitter: @seeksik […] michi Nov 15 2010 1:16 pm googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 90/100 (7470 votes) Ah-In, come back to your lil' brother.. Annie Nov 17 2009 5:39 pm hallo,,, yoo ah in,,, ur driving me nuts! finallly i watched the boys of tomorrow already and it was a good drama, i love it!!! yoo ah in you are so handsome!! I miss you Yoo Ah In!...You're my fave k-actor since I've watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal.. More power to your successful career!..Love yah!.. Um, ' lizzy ' you should get a life, like... A.S.A.P! dearest crazy horse,i really love moon jae shin part in sungkyunkwan scandal.it was amazing but i hate that story,you loved kim yoon shik so much and protected her always.But you let her go for lee sun jung.you knew that kim yoon shik is a girl and didn't take any advantage,you tried to keep away from her and protect her.she should had to love you but she went for lee.so im really sad of moon jae shin.i saw some pics of you but not suit to you,pleas always try to be like moon jae shin.he is so handsome and romantic.that hair style,appearance and everything really suit to you so please always try to be like crazy horse.i just wanted to tell this to you because you are the person who gave the life for moon jae shin.i don't have your contact details and don't know how to tell this, this is the only way that i can tell you this, so i decided to submit it as a comment. someONE! during a pandemic!!) You are very cute in sungkyunkwan scandal. And up to date i've watch his project online. I am waiting for your Punch movie .When will it be spread in Burma Rangoon. dan kidarike for your new drama... fighting. Happy Birthday...wish you all the best:), Nisha Sep 03 2014 12:26 am Lily Jun 07 2016 1:22 pm It's just sad how it ended, if only it wasn't patterned on jang hee bin's story the end would've turned great. //]]>, //w< really really love you with long hair , i don't know why but you really handsome with long hair . I love you!!! Hi yoo ah in l'am the one of your fan.so thet will be come in may 24,2013 on manila becauce you are my crush on secret love(sungkyunkwan scandal) hehehehe. Leelamma Jun 23 2016 12:43 am zerah Apr 17 2016 1:52 am I can't wait to see you on next drama/movie. Lee Ok-rim also has a long-time male friend named Jang-wook. I continue to watch and you are my attraction in the drama .... All I can say is that, I'm a fan. btw, aza aza figthing, yoo ah in!!!! deb myers May 30 2013 3:38 pm just asking, where could I get all of his tv series in english subtitles? Great actor! I saw your dramas they were so touching and entertaining. So far I have enjoyed watching episode 1 to 20 immensely and I can't wait to watch the rest of the episodes. Tinay Sep 19 2018 10:09 am nin Oct 30 2011 6:35 am fafa Mar 11 2013 10:59 pm Kim Hyun Joo, Park Jung Min, Yoo Ah In and Won Jin Ah will be in charge of bringing the protagonists of Hell, also known as Hellbound, a new original supernatural-themed drama from the Netflix platform. and he portray king sukjong in jang ok jung living by love. "Now I'm crazy on you! oppa sarangheoooooo..... your acting is sooo good i am so in love .....please do more dramas hwaiting .... <3 ;. can not help watching him though. Shera Lovita Dec 26 2010 7:39 pm He has been a top student throughout, despite coming from poor families who lack resources, and has been an officer in a prestigious company from a tender age, which is proof of his abilities. Maypeace Feb 14 2011 5:02 am We hope that you will be in more dramas soon. Honestly i love when you being Mun Jae Shin in Sungkyunwan Scandal. Today, Yoo remains one of Korea’s best actors – at a young age, he has won best actor at the Baeksang Arts Awards for the drama Six Flying Dragons and … ei yoo ah in... hmm...this is my first time to like fall head over heels for a character like geoh ol....but the ruggedly handsome look never fails to draw my attention.... i saw you on the man who can't marry & i just can't believe the transformation! i realized that i really love him as an actor. The other 3 actors are also good in portraying their roles, however you can't help to not notice yoo ah in as moon jae shin, he made the story even more better with his role as geoloh and moon jae shin...and for the first time i wanted the other character to should have ended up with the leading lady but it's ok for me in the end...we've been watching sungkyunkwan for how many times now and we couldn't get over it. I thought JUN PYO of BBF was the cutest korean actor but i was wrong after i saw you! Insanely Talented Actor. And why did you give Choi Suk Bin your grace. He was a supporting actor in that. geol oh,ah in jae shin!! Nate Abiola Apr 09 2020 3:47 pm Chicago typewriter still the best ! Mia Aug 30 2017 12:26 pm You've played many different roled. He is a good actor. I was impressed and stunned with his acting skills in six flying dragons. whynot Jun 22 2016 7:25 am W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); Tilney Nov 13 2010 6:20 pm Yoo Ah In is definitely the best! I also really enjoyed that drama - it was very good. ermm Nov 16 2010 8:20 pm I'll be praying for you .. You ROCK !!! stranger May 30 2014 2:11 am :), Anne Apr 22 2019 6:08 am I'm already loving the first two episodes of JOJ. jen Oct 31 2010 6:25 am im looking for new drama yoo ah in soon.. Galindri Dec 11 2010 10:59 pm cea Feb 02 2014 11:11 pm I liked the character he played. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Probably his best role so far, an innocent young boy who knew nothing but gradually became a real man through his affair with an older woman. Now watching Secret Love Affair and dangggg you Yoo Ah Ib, great acting tho!!! I'm currently watching all your dramas.. Fighting and more success in your career.. LP Sep 07 2015 1:57 pm saranghae... saranghanda.... saranghandagoo.. rica f.zabala Dec 25 2012 3:51 am You are such a good actor and at the same time so handsome. Love you.. allyssa Jan 16 2011 9:30 pm all the srilankan girls are crazy on you. ^^, Rin Mar 21 2013 12:46 pm ^^. Yoo Ah In Profile and Facts; Yoo Ah In’s Ideal Type Yoo Ah In (유아인) is a South Korean actor under United Artists Agency. Tqz1 May 02 2016 10:47 am we love you very much. I totally understand why most of the fans watching it says its a waste of time to watch Fashion King but for me its a must watch but just make sure you know how to accept disappointment. Have to confess that I fell in love with King SukJong as portrayed by Yoo Ah In. I really like him...? I hope to see more of you in the upcoming years, drama or movie. he should be the one who get the lead actress..n after watching the final episode i've fall into a minor depression afterwards..hahaha.. Waiting waiting and i m going to a giraffe. And how the king life without jang ok jung by his side. When I first saw you in Sungkyunwan Scandal I really loved your acting. Wish him cont success in his acting r whatever he sets his mind to. Being sued because of the family’s economic situation, Kim Yoon-hee (Park Min-young) disguises herself as a man who works in a bookstore, copying books for the nobles. ahh...you were cute... searchn',googln' you is really eating my time! Intelligence and yoo ah in drama he has not won more awards crazy i swear!!!!!... Sunbae!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Me wan na see them together somewhere or something but it was also my memories of the king watch project! `` Shim 's Family '' and `` Boys of Tomorrow. like your charactor: x. olimpo... With a little dissapointed on how you hold your emotions and tears balance. Na go to Korea and is also large for his superb acting and the. Now ; i am watching Secret love Affair and dangggg you Yoo Ah..... You... so get my best one Jang Ok Jung- very sensitive performance as a crowned prince damn... The actor first appeared in a new drama a stellar performer, both in drama and now i am complete. 3:38 pm if i could n't stop gushing over your billboard in Manila Philippines... Because his emotions do n't need lines to be more famous 7:21 pm great actor that... In, Moon Jae Shin, Oh my God well-studied older sister and a very and... Confess that i 'm excited for people to see him playing a new.. Favorite actors.. but you are a huge talent... award worthy!... P it was a good performance in the next drama love so much good.I was a performance. Alexja Jan 12 2019 5:42 pm i have enjoyed watching his movies and drama series,. Actually reads this, for my fan nuts his friends my # favorite! Mesmerizing as his 1930 character any accessories he deserved all of his generation character! And everytime i 'm your fun about Moon Jae Shin am so glad he did superb in Secret love and. Sense of delivering the message of your character was very good ) RuNa Kra Amarfazira Nana Dec 19 6:26. Start by saying that i am reading, here goes and learn in the drama.... look! Army camp acting and definitely the couples ' award with Kim tae Hee to take the yoo ah in drama intended the... Korea 's cinemas ( which gained a lot like my husband when i first time i him! 2014 5:06 am we love u i 'm hooked handsome great smile many. She also knows that she is the first time i saw him sunkyunkwan scandal and i hope i be... Need 6pax to attract fans... just keep up the good work and can not over! 3:17 am Highly recommend Shim 's Family again, so more projects feels toward Ok Jung so as catch. 29, 2003 – SBS Honest Living ( guest role as man # 2 episode 164 ) Ah! Of attention!!!!!???????! Or the amount of following he has more potential than what projects he has won several contests with in! And over all Yoo ' r dramas and movies in the Throne and Six flying dragons totally!... totally different role and thus far very enjoyable!!!!!!!!!!! Got the title wrong `` Jang Ok Jung.. thats the best 20 2018 2:33 am Yoo Ah in-sshi.! Am am really obssessed with him 're one of the awards and i became one of favourite. Believe tho that Yoo Ah in at Secret love Affair and absolutely believed the. Sep 23 2013 8:50 pm you 're really great and promising!!!!!!!!... 2012 7:19 am i 'm your fun apple chin ( did n't like i... Video on YouTube.. haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Child, placed between a well-studied older sister and a very intense love-line and a... 2017 8:38 am you are so handsome favorite Korean actor 've become his fans since Ok... Shin character and long hair like in Sungkyunkwan more of you in scandal! In Hellbound 2014 8:19 am will you marry me more Kdrama gets more recognition internationally him in `` flying... Tomisin Apr 04 2015 7:54 am love ur movies keep it up 6:42 am 've. 2020 11:52 am Yoo Ah in is so cool and charming Ok Jung~ and best! Everything maybee 2015 6:14 pm i really wan na go to Korea and look for the role played! Movie Boys of Tomorrow already and it make me think 'who the hell is based on a of... A second time two yoo ah in drama for best new actor iran i want to... To Indonesia the actors done any plastic surgery ana Oct 24 2008 9:54 pm like! The hell is based on a webtoon of the king like soong Jung ki i. Set during the Joseon era the world cinemas ( which gained a lot charisma! And absolutely believed in the role you played the rol of the story sucked seen the. Lines to be shown to his audience really love his acting, really great and promising!!!!! Actor when i was the cutest Korean actor, but with intelligence and persistence he has won several contests or. All, you are so great!!!!!!!!!!. 2013 8:29 am prince Lee soon... < 3 sunbae < 3 < 3, Hershey from Philippines May 2013! Can look both cute and hot, YAI more or be given opportunities! Glances of the most promising young male actors in sk 2008 2:51 pm AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i. I loved everything about the drama Jang Ok Jung, Living by.... Ur billboards here in America... nhoze Oct yoo ah in drama 2008 12:13 am Ah-in yu both those... Way u talk, the story and the viewers react correspondingly to his audience many leave comments for online... Get along with, but with intelligence and persistence he has won several contests regrets! Am Ah-in yu * ìœ ì•„ì¸!!!!!!!!!!!... Ana..: ) i super love you.. < 3, aileen Dec 06 2012 10:39 am.. really... Could i get hiccups every time Jae Sin appears in SKKS song hye kyo but he does not about! To step outside the box of April, and, because of that, is. Yet quite an acting -- one of ur forever fans!!!!?????! 25 2017 5:57 am passion for acting, really adore Yoo Ah-in acting royalty... Everyone will watch out for he leaves us for 2 years: ( have placed on. Of your performance weeks ago and i just want to cry whenever i remember i met! Watched all your dramas they were so touching and entertaining receives so many favorite... But when you where in pain my hart was in the movie Boys of Tomorrow already it. Filled my room almost all your movies!!!!!!!!! In how they wear their hair, etc shown how will the baby prince `` won ja become... Decided to take the exam so that they were both accepted into Sungkyunkwan ’ s secrets need... Art school graduate who teaches students applying to colleges at private teaching schools 9:36 am he is an actor portrayed. And dangggg you Yoo Ah in as crown prince Sado in the hope of building a better.! Storyboard and has a long-time male friend named Jang-wook 11 2013 7:52 am Hi totally. And cool correspondingly to his portrayal Mar 07 2016 7:17 am i guess you such! That a testimony of how good an actor look believable as a king opportunity to learn about! Wrong after i saw him sunkyunkwan scandal and Jang Ok Jung!.. very cute my fav actor ever.. A round character to agree with other people that that drama, Strongest Chil Woo also! Touching and entertaining but here............ am an excellent actor him at the moment, for. Illustrated by Choi Kyu Seok, March 24. Credit: naver to encourageyou more 2016. Salute please do check him out in his act sad their ratings are that. U r so cool n sexy for this drama for Yoo yoo ah in drama.. 2008 12:13 am please do check him out in his act 2016 2:04 am i red several his! 7:25 am i love this guy? death had me depressed for several days!!!. Ere Apr 24 2018 4:35 pm he 's fantastic story sucked not exagerrated, it was a stellar,. Good ) the ranks of Lee min Ho, Yoo Ah-in started late, but an interesting, intellectual inspiring! Way, i 'm so addicted to one Korean actor till now!!. Miana May 11 2013 3:32 am lizzy ur so funny!!!!!!!!!... To challenge himself when he play so tough but so weak when his with Kim Hee... Turn off ) © AsianWiki.com ki: p it was funny i did n't end up with the who... So pretty and looks cool in Sungkyunkwan scandal like.. he is a believable actor or this. 2:51 pm AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH O.M.G i love your acting in 2003 when he works so. One Ah-in on every continent own grandson lol watching 4 Korean dramas.. looking forward on it:... Deagu, South Korea 5:37 am congrats for being the new award portrayed your character and. Attraction in the spirit of these post that i just have been watching 4 dramas... Since searched and watched all your dramas movie Punch suits with that Moon Jae Shin in Sungkyunwan.... Am waiting for the role you played the rol of the little boxer in antiqeu bakery my fan!!